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Die Revolver wurden 1843 an die Texas Rangers abgegeben, wo Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker den Paterson Revolver kennenlernte und später mit Samuel Colt den Walker-Colt, den ersten nach den Paterson-Revolvern produzierten Colt-Perkussionsrevolver, entwickelte. Aufbau der Paterson-Waffe Bereits 1848, nach einer Bestellung der US-Armee, wurden in der von Colt gegründeten Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company 7000 Dragoon Model 1848 Revolver, eine leichtere Version des Walkers, hergestellt. Durch den Amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg wurde die Produktion dann erst richtig angekurbelt The Colt Paterson is a revolver. It was the first commercial repeating firearm employing a revolving cylinder with multiple chambers aligned with a single, stationary barrel. Its design was patented by Samuel Colt on February 25, 1836, in the United States, England and France, and it derived its name from being produced in Paterson, New Jersey. Initially this 5 shot revolver was produced in.28 caliber, with a.36 caliber model following a year later. As originally designed and. The only Colt revolver produced in 1843 was the Ehlers Model Pocket Paterson. There were 500 made between 1840-1843. The Texas Paterson Model No. 5 was also a .36 cal., mfg. between 1838-1840, ser. # range #1-#1000. The Model 1851 Navy Revolver, ser. numbers 101001-215000 was stamped Address Saml. Colt New York U.S. America. The left side of the frame is stamped Colts/Patent on all variations. The basic Navy features a roll-engraved cylinder scene of a battle between the navies of Texas.

I have a 1843 colt 36 caliber revolver in excellent shape. It has a walnut handle with brass in lays that says sam's colt. on the cylinder there is a engraved ship and it says may 16 1843. On the barr read mor Colt Perkussionsrevolver (Vorderlader-Revolver)Colts Patent No. 15091Address Sam Colt NewYork CityKal.: .36 BlackPowder7,6''-Lauf entspricht 19cmBeschuß '75Engaged 16 May 1843Engraved by W.L. Ormsby New YorkSingle-Actio The Colt Revolving Belt Pistol or Navy Pistol, 1843. The Texas Navy had purchased the earlier Colt Paterson Revolver, but this was Colt's first major success in the gun trade; the naval theme of the engraved cylinder of the Colt 1851 Navy revolver was Colt's gesture of appreciation. The engraving was provided by Waterman Ormsby. Despite the Navy designation, the revolver was chiefly. Colt Model 1849 Pocket, 6 oct bbl, .31 cal, made 1852. Factory engraved by the renown Gustave Young. Gun is 100% original. Grips are perfect with only the slightest wear. Gun is in over all veryClick for more info. Seller: fftjr . Area Code: 732 . $8150 . COLT U.S. MODEL 1860 (4 SCREW) CIVIL WAR ARMY REVOLVER . GI#: 101559047.44 caliber, 8 round barrel, roll engraved six shot percussion. Uberti Revolver Colt Navy 1851 Online Shop. Jetzt den Artikel Uberti Revolver Colt Navy 1851 (Kaliber .36) für 342,95 Euro im Schießsport Kurzwaffen Online Shop kaufen und auf Rechnung bestellen! Neben der Finanzierung per Ratenzahlung und der Zahlung per Kreditkarte, bieten wir die Bestellung per PayPal als Service für den Online-Kauf des Schießsport-Artikels Uberti Revolver Colt Navy.

Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy. .36c, 4 1/2 bbl. 1862 Manufacture. Extremely fine condition. 100% factory original, factory cased. The Pocket Navy's are rarer than the Police, this one is in far beClick for more info. Seller: fftjr . Area Code: 732 . New price. $5775 . Colt 1861 Navy Revolver Made 1863 . GI#: 101575952. This is a Colt 1861 36 caliber Navy revolver and is all matching numbers. Colt 1851 London Navy. 36 Caliber Revolver Made in 1855. Very fine original condition with 40% of the case colors on the frame. 30% of the blue on the barrel with smooth brown light patina mixed. This gun is all matching. Cylinder scene is excellent. Traces of blue remain in the protected areas. Grips are very fine with original varnish. Action works perfect. This is a very fine example of a. Search: Colt Combat Elite Caliber Select... .223 Remington .32 ACP .357 Magnum .38 Special .38 Super .45 ACP .45 Colt 10mm 5.56mm NATO 6.5 Creedmoor 7.62MM 9mm State Compliance All CA MA M Total production numbers of the Colt Navy Revolver were exceeded only by the Colt Pocket models in concurrent development, and numbered some 250,000 domestic units and about 22,000 produced in the Colt London Armory The cylinder of this revolver is engraved with a scene of the victory of the Second Texas navy at the Battle of Campeche on May 16, 1843. The Texas Navy had purchased the earlier. Original handkolorierte antike Gravur eines Colt Hybrid zwischen einer Stute und schwarz arabischen Pferd. Es ist Plate 27 aus Sir William Jardines Naturalist es Library, veröffentlicht in Edinburgh, 1843. Der Graveur war William Lizars. Es ist ein original antiker Druck, keine moderne Reproduktion

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Please support us at https://www.patreon.com/capandballFor buying Capandball Civil War cartridge boxes and cartridge formers: http://stores.ebay.com/Capandba.. Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers To me, there's something special about using a Colt 1873-style revolver. Part of it, of course, is the connection to our Old West history, cowboys and gunfighters, and all those John Wayne movies I watched as a kid. But there's also a simplicity and a functionality to the 1873 and its single-action operation I find very attractive, as well as how good the revolver feels in hand, the weight.

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After repeatedly exasperating his weary investors, Colt went bankrupt in 1843. Then, Colt's fortunes suddenly turned around. Samuel Walker, a heavily-experienced US Army officer and Texas Ranger. Beim Colt Pocket 1849 Wells Fargo Deko Revolver handelt es sich um einen Nachbau eines Sondermodells, welches auf Wunsch des Transportunternehmens Wells Fargo hergestellt wurde. Ursprünglich war dieser kompakte Taschenrevolver eine Weiterentwicklung des Colt Pocket Model 1848 (Baby Dragoon) im Kaliber .31. Hergestellt wurde er in den Lauflängen 3, 4, 5 und 6 Zoll sowie mit einer 5. Engaged 16 May 1843. COLT's Patent. Engraved by W. L. Ornsby New York. Waffennummer auf allen Teilen. Holzgriffe mit Kratzern. Zubehör: - WBN: 451 - 18921. ACHTUNG ACHTUNG: Nach Auktionsende melden wir uns innerhalb 24 Stunden bei Ihnen. Sollten Sie keine Email erhalten, schauen Sie bitte in Ihrem SPAM Ordner nach oder rufen Sie einfach bei uns an. Wir bekommen nur Ihre Emailadresse.

Colt was so pleased by the Texas purchase and with the performance of his product that he engraved the scene of the victorious naval battle fought off Campeche on May 16, 1843, by the Texas Navy on the cylinders of the 1851 Navy, 1860 Army, and 1861 Navy model Colts (in all, nearly 500,000 revolvers) The Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver. Samuel Colt had been helped by Commodore Moore who had purchased Colt Paterson Revolvers for the Republic of Texas Navy in 1837, many of which were likely involved in the Battle of Campeche. Despite that Colt's business had gone bankrupt by 1843 but he was financially rescued when Colonel John C. Hays gave. Colt Derringers and Pocket Pistols. Year / Serial Number 1847 1 1848 2000 1849 8000 1850 12000 - 14000. Paterson Pocket or Baby Colts No. 1. Year / Serial Number . 1837-1838 1-500 . Belt Model Paterson No. 2 & 3. Year / Serial Number. 1838 - 1840 1-850 . Holster or Texas Paterson No.5. Year /Serial Number. 1838 - 1840 1-1000 . Ehlers Pistols 4 th & 5 th Model. Year / Serial Number. 1840-1843 1. Colt 1849 Pocket Australian Retailer Marked .31 Caliber Revolver. Serial #261404, .31 caliber, 6 octagon barrel with an about very good bore which shows evident rifling but with minor oxidation and scattered light pitting. The barrel remains quite nice retaining about 95% very nice restored blue from the period of use. The loading lever retains excellent color case-hardening and may well be.

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